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Transport Services Australia: School bus route and charter bus services throughout regional Western Australia

Bus Routes

Please select a route timetable from the following;

Leighton Contractors - Isaac Plains Mine Vale - Carborough Downs Mine

IP3 - Monday Rockhampton to Coppabella MAC CD3 - Tuesday 1900 Mackay to Coppabella MAC and Return

IP4 - Monday Coppabella MAC to Rockhampton CD4 - Tuesday 1900 Coppabella MAC to Mackay

IP5 - Tuesday Rockhampton to Coppabella MAC CD5 - Wednesday 0500 Mackay to Coppabella MAC Return

IP6 - Tuesday Coppabella MAC to Rockhampton CD6 - Wednesday 1520 Mackay to Coppabella

IP7 - Monday Mackay to Coppabella and Return

IP8 - Tuesday Coppabella to Mackay and Return