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BSA has developed a comprehensive HSE Management System and a HSE Management Plan that ensures its operations lead industry practice and delivers service excellence to our clients. The Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSE-MS) utilised by BSA operations shall, when appropriate, facilitate the adoption and/or the amalgamation and integration of aspects or all of the clients HSE Management Plan and Procedures. BSA will undertake the provision of its services under the direct auspice of this HSE-MS, however as an operational imperative shall integrate with and develop bridging alignment to the HSE-MS mandates of the client company HSE-MS.

The BSA Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSE-MS) provides continuous and systematic identification, prioritisation and control of operational health, safety and environmental risks.  The HSE-MS is comprised of 15 HSE aspects. The aspects are interrelated and the full implementation of each aspect is essential for the effective function of the HSE management system. The 15 HSE Aspects are based on the continuous improvement cycle with critical elements of;

  • Policy
  • Management & Leadership
  • Plan
  • Do
  • Assess
  • Adjust

The 15 HSE Aspects are as follows;

  • HSE Aspect 1-Policy
  • HSE Aspect 2- Leadership
  • HSE Aspect 3- Risk Assessment
  • HSE Aspect 4- Legal Requirements and Operational Standards
  • HSE Aspect 5- Strategic Planning, Goals and Objectives
  • HSE Aspect 6- Structure and Responsibility
  • HSE Aspect 7- Programs and Procedures
  • HSE Aspect 8- Emergency Preparedness
  • HSE Aspect 9- Training and Competency
  • HSE Aspect 10- Non Conformance, Investigation and Corrective Action
  • HSE Aspect 11- Communications
  • HSE Aspect 12- Document Control and Records
  • HSE Aspect 13- Measurements and Monitoring
  • HSE Aspect 14- Audit
  • HSE Aspect 15- Review

The strength of BSA’s OHS&W systems is the inclusive environment that has been created. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment is encouraged and acted upon in all areas of the business. All parties are aware of their responsibilities and are actively encouraged to be involved.